x (sortainsane) wrote in johnnydeppfan1,

saw Don Juan and all i can say is SEXAY!!! lol!!! omg, i looovveeddd it. ok, and here are some goodies for you guys, just remember to

1. Join the community...durrrr....
2. Post often
3. Comment and tell me whatcher takin, then credit in user info or keywords!!!:



 even more yummm!!!


oooh, and heres a color bar, i suggest you use it on your user info or anything else that has a white backgorund as i dont know how to make it trnasparent! lol. kay:

hope you guys likey!





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I really love those icons. Thanks again for making them!

~Maggie <333
Hah. I just realized that those pics are from "The Ninth Gate" (which I watched on Sci-Fi last night, lol). :)

He's so hott, it's almost un-natural!!!!!! tee hee