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Did anyone even read my last post about the CONTEST?!??! Huh?

lol, sorry. But we're not getting very many posts! C'mon, guys! SHOW SOME ENTHUSIASM FOR JOHNNAY!!!!!! We love him dearly, so let's show our appreciation!

Go back and read my post about the contest, if you haven't already. Please enter? It's just something fun for everyone to do..

Anyway. I was recently in a supermarket and came across a copy of Entertainment Weekly with Johnny on the cover, advertising Finding Neverland. He's so hott, man. I cannot even begin to tell you. Did anyone read the article they had about it? (COMMENT BACK, DAMMIT!).

I made a new promo banner, just in case you didn't see. It's on the user info. I was hoping some of our *dedicated* members could make some new banners for us..? We gotta get out there and PROMOTE, kiddies!!! PROMOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And welcome to our new member, deedzee_my_grl!!! Hah, she rules for joining, totally rules!

So what's the moral of this story, kids? PROMOTE!!! It's much appreicated, you know...I've been working my ass off. So please try to do your part! hee hee. Johnny would be happy, too. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

Your mod,
Maggie <3333
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