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Just joined

Hello all,

My name's Megan and I've been a fan of Johnny Depp for as long as I can remember. I could spend forever gushing about how gorgeous he is, but I won't. I feel, most importantly, that he is an amazing actor with tremendous talent. His ability to portray any sort of character is amazing. I look forward to posting in this community. Thanks!

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Hello new member! Your moderator here. Just wanted to say..thank you so much for joining! Please try to be active...and as so many other 'thriving' communities say, "Vote and Promote!" hahahaha. Have a good one!


PS) I agree with everything you said about Johnny, he's gorgeous and a brilliant actor :)
Thanks. DO you mind if I post some of the icons or wallpapers I've madeof Johnny? Just wanted to check before I did.
Sure! That's what the community's for! :) Share anything Johnny-oriented you'd like.